Friday, November 2, 2012

Abbott Has A Matching Grant!

My dear Abbott.  He's been waiting SO long!  Five year ago, a tiny boy was born in Eastern Europe. I imagine his momma had been waiting eagerly for him.  When he was born, the doctors were quiet. They examined him....they noticed his almond shaped eyes, the creases in his palm, his little toes.  They told her sadly that he was defective.  They encouraged her to cast him away. I wonder if she held him. I wonder if she whispered her love into his tiny ear before handing him over?

Whatever happened, he ended up at a baby house. An orphanage.  He lay there, just one of many other babies.  He spent his days laying in a crib, staring at the walls and ceiling, with little stimulation and no mother's love. Later, he was moved to an institution.  Some institutions are better than others.  I have no idea how Abbott's life is now.  From his profile: "Recently he has been transferred to an institution and nobody knows how he is now." How very sad.  I PRAY someone will visit his institution and get an idea of how he is doing,  Even better, GO GET HIM!  There's a darling little girl in the same region, maybe in the same institution!  The very best of brothers and sisters, I think. Someone go get them out of there!

On the first night of Angel Tree, I was blessed to be able to announce a matching grant for Abbott.  $100 automatically doubling to $200 as soon as it was raised!  I went to bed, praying that my boy will find a family in these two months, and that I could help with some of the financial burden.  I woke to find the grant MATCHED and $200 offered as a new matching grant!

So if you donate to Abbott, using that handy little widget on the right sidebar or the donate button on his profile, your dollars will DOUBLE!  $5 becomes $10, $10 become $20, Slowly, slowly, $50 becomes $100 and $200 becomes $400 more dollars to help Abbott find a family to call his own! When his grant reaches $2985.00, this matching grant will be met.

Angelina has almost $5000 in her grant, which will be $6000 very soon, because she was one of the children selected to benefit from the Cultivate Wines grant!  Her advocate is working tirelessly for her, and has some mighty big fundraisers planned for Angel Tree.  Much of these children's adoptions are paid for in advance.  The Lord want to place the lonely into families!  Will you pray for Abbott and Angelina?  Will you share some of your blessings with these that have nothing?  Will you pledge to pray for them; that they would be protected in their health, their spirits and that a family would choose them SOON?  Please?


  1. Abbott and Angelina are both beautiful! And how awesome about Abbott's grant - and that Angelina was one of the CW kids!!

  2. Thank you Frankie! I just saw this! I too am praying for our two Angel Tree babies!! :D


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