Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sweet Little thing!

(originally posted on my other blog 5-10-07)

Polly is just 5 and a half. She is a sweet little lady, who can be counted on to bring a smile. Yesterday, she and Jack, aged 5, were told that they could play outside with bubbles, after they finished wiping the kitchen table and chairs. Polly took the chairs and Jack took the table. Polly finished first and prepared to go outside. She encouraged Jack to go with her.

He said, "But I'm not finished wiping the table!"

"I'll help you!" she cried! "I *am* a kind sister you know! I help you with your chores, I hug you and read to you.." she continued...

All the while she and Jack are wiping the table and he is saying nothing...

"I am kind," she reiterated, "Unless we're wrestling!! Then I hit you and kick you and bonk you on the head!"

Sweet, isn't she?