Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Swanson Broth...A Thanksgiving Mainstay!

(originally posted on my other blog 11-28-07)

Thanksgiving means different things to different people. This Thanksgiving meant something new to me. It meant v.o.m.i.t.

My husband has some food intolerances. I think I have it figured out. It seems to be to sulfites and glutamate. Sulfites are a poisonous preservative, glutamate, a naturally occurring substance that man has copied and corrupted into MSG and it's cronies.

My mil (unbeknownst to us) had used Swanson canned chicken broth in the stuffing and the gravy. The ingredients? Water, MSG, MSG, MSG.

Only a couple of minutes after dinner, my husband knew something was wrong. He is familiar with his symptoms and knew how the night would go. My little guy, BabyJ, hasn't struggled with MSG consumption. We don't eat much of it. I cook from scratch with real ingredients, not from boxes!

But he was affected...and how. After telling us he wasn't feeling well, he snuggled down into my arms wrapped in a blanket. We went outside a while later, to sit by the firepit. I'm glad we were outside! I was just going in when his tummy finally rejected the poison. All over the sliding glass door. And me. And him. And again and again.

After our showers, again.

And again.

It was very sad. I hate to see him sick! I didn't find out until the next day that Swanson MSG Broth was used in the dinner. I have to think that he must be sensitive, like my husband. He was totally better the next day, which is also a clue that it was the broth. I will be more vigilant in the future, especially when I'm not cooking!

For much more information on MSG, visit Make sure to visit the "Hidden Names For MSG" page. It surprised me to read some familiar terms.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Who's On First?

Here's a peek into how things sometimes go in our home.
(originally posted on my other blog 11-09-07)

I went to The Common Room and found this entry by JennyAnyDots. I watched the very funny videos with the Lambies. After viewing the parody of "Ticket To Ride", the Lambies wanted to watch the real Beatles perform it, so we did. As we listened, this is what was said:

EmBlem: "Who's alive, Mom?"
Momma: "Two are alive and two have passed away."
GirlofGod: "Who had a wife?" (mis-hearing who's alive)
Momma: "They were all married, as far as I know."
Polly: "They were all married?! GROSS! That's a sin"'s a wonder anyone learns anything sometimes!