Friday, March 30, 2012

The Family Challenge-MET!!

We are *this* close to meetingWe met the Family Challenge for the Mulligan Stew giveaway!  Want to see then new numbers?  Keep reading.

First, let's remember that Laurel and Harmony have $500 each riding on meeting this challenge.  They are both SO close to aging out and not being chosen!  Please share Laurel's picture and the stories of both girls.  Even something as easy as that can make a world of difference!  Their families may be just one or two clicks away from seeing them for the first time!  There's a new picture of Harmony over at Covenant Builders. I can't share it here, but do go look!!

There's also a giveaway within a giveaway today!  Give to any of the children, families or the Lost Boys today and you are entered to win one of 26 EXTRA prizes!  These will be awarded Saturday night.  We have to wait until Sunday for the drawings for the Mulligan Stew prizes.

So the totals as of 7:30 AM PDT are as follows:  The giveaway has raised a total of $34,413.46!!  What an amazing number!  363 people have donated.  Will you share this post to all of your friends, please, so new folks can get a chance to join in?

Family summaries are as follows:

The Unroe family - $1357.77 raised - OVER THE WALL!!
 The Carpenter family - $2251.00 raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Burman family - $2010.00 raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Menges family  - $1660.00 raised - OVER THE WALL!!
 The Duncan family - $2140.00+ raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Booth family - $2000 + raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Brown family - $2000 + raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Archer family - $2030.00 raised - OVER THE WALL!! 

I can't wait to write that they are ALL over the wall and the challenge has been met!  PLease keep praying for our giveaway and its hostess as the time to end draws near.  The enemy loves to attack when good is being done and lives are being saved.  Bur our God is mighty to save and is the Father to the fatherless!  Praise His holy name!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mulligan Stew Challenge: Redeux

A new challenge has been poised today, nearing the end of the giveaway.  If each of the families get over the $2000 wall by the end of the night of March 31st, $500 will be donated to Laurel and Harmony's grant funds.  A $1000 donation hangs on this!  Please, do all you can to get the word out.  Share, Facebook, Twitter, call your friends, whatever you can think of!  Let's get these funds raised and help find the girls a home.  They are both so close to aging out.

You can see a picture of Harmony here and read an incredible story of personal sacrifice and love.  The Heim Family is one amazing example of Christ's love for others!

As of 10:00 PM PDT, these are the totals.  I will update them as I can.

The Unroe family -  NEED $822.23
 The Carpenter family - NEED $671.00
The Burman family -  OVER THE WALL!
The Menges family  -  NEED $350.00
 The Duncan family - OVER THE WALL!!
The Booth family - OVER THE WALL!!
The Brown family -  NEED $116.00
The Archer family - OVER THE WALL!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Challenge-Updated-Challenge MET!

Hooray-Hooray-Hooray!  We're almost there!WE MADE IT!!

Four of the children have passed over the $1000 wall!  Thanks to you and others' generous donations, Heath, Laurel, Victoria and Igor have all gained at least $1000 in their grant accounts!

Today we need only $595.84 to bring the rest of the children to $1000 and earn the $500 donation to The Lost Boys.  Please pray we meet it and for families for all of the children.  I'd love to come write a "My Family Found Me" post for each and every featured child (AND ABBOTT!)  This is nothing to our great and loving God!

Needs updated as of 3:00 PM PDT:
Harmony $192.36 -  UPDATE - Harmony is over $1000!!
Emmitt $91.48 -  UPDATE - Emmitt is over $1000!!
Hanson $185.00 -  UPDATE - Hanson is over $1000!!
Jack $117.00 - UPDATE - Jack is over $1000!!

I've seen her picture and, please, take my word for it, she is beautiful!  Pray for her family to find her soon.  She must be chosen in the next couple of months or she will forever be locked in a mental institution.  She's in a good place now, going to school, doing well in all her work and self-care, etc.  She NEEDS to be found!  Please go read her description and pray, pray, pray for her!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Challenge!

What a way to wake up!  Someone has not forgotten The Lost Boys.  They have challenged The Mulligan Stew Crew!  They will donated $500 to The Lost Boys...$500!!  

But first, each child who still lacks a family must have a $1000 boost to their accounts.  That's a little over $2000 with two days to raise it.  Can you help? 

This money is the key to finding the children a home.  People fret over the high cost of adoption; who wouldn't?  Few have an extra $25,000 sitting in their account, ready to go when the Lord calls for them to add a child to their family.  However, a large grant account may make a difference. Not every person is called to adopt, but we are all called to help the widow and the orphan.  Your little donation makes a huge difference!  These are the children and what they have in their accounts from the Mulligan Stew giveaway:
Harmony - $514.00
Laurel -  $849.80 - UPDATE - She's over the wall!!
 Igor -$879.00
Emmitt -  $813.50
Heath - $504.64 - UPDATE - He's over the wall!!
 Hanson - $625.50
 Jack - $743.50
Victoria - $1740.45 - She's over the wall!!

Happily, Victoria, Laurel and Heath have made it over the $1,000 hurdle.  Igor and Emmitt are within a hair's breadth of making it!   Jack is next, followed by Hanson and Harmony.  Let's get Igor over the wall next!  

We have until Tuesday, but let's not wait.  Let's meet this challenge in RECORD TIME!  Share this post, blog about it yourself, yell on Facebook and Twitter, share ANY way you can!  These children do not have to be lost.  They still have time.  Let's not forget them.

Blessings to you and yours.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Mulligan Stew Ingredient

I finally finished the afghan I am making for The Mulligan Stew giveaway over at Julia's blog.  Here's the pic:
There are 89 other great prizes, including a 3rd Gen iPad, Kindle Fires, lots of gift cards, other handicrafts and more!  This effort has truly been blessed by the Lord as our mites and pennies continue to be added to the children's funds.  One featured child has been chosen, and she was about to age-out and become un-adoptable!

Have you looked - really looked- at the faces of the children? Is there someone there calling your name?  Pray for them!  Advocate!  Share The Stew's link and the child's picture and story!  If they haven't a family yet, maybe someone that sees them on your blog or Facebook wall will be their Daddy or Mommy!  Every little addition to The Stew helps.

Also, please don't forget dear little Abbott.  He is so ready for a family!  He's lost the bit of stimulation he had in the baby house and been transferred to a mental institution.  There has been no news of him since and there probably won't be until a serious inquiry about him made or someone else adopts from that institution and makes an effort to find him.  Please pray for him and consider him if YOU are called to adopt!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mulligan Stew Update

What a ride it has been!  The Mulligan Stew giveaway has reached the half-way point and over $16,000 has been raised by over 250 different contributors!  The Lord is certainly multiplying our mites and proving Himself mighty once again!


Have you ever thought about the day to day life that one of these orphans experience in the worst of the orphanages?  From the different blogs I have read, the children get fed just a couple of times a day.  The "food" is a sludgy, soupy concoction that is forced down their throats as fast as possible, even if it is too hot to be comfortably eaten.  Those unable to eat from a spoon get a propped, heavy glass beer bottle with a nipple filled with the 'food'.  It has a large hole cut in it so the soup comes through very fast.  If they can't handle the flow, then they are drenched and left hungry.


Their diapers are changed but twice a day at the most, so their bottoms are covered in sores and rash.  Sometimes their clothes are changed, sometimes not.  Sometimes they are not dressed at all, but left to lie naked.

Other than these interactions, they are left alone.  They rock and moan, they bite their hands, they bang their heads against the crib bars.  They flutter their hands in front of their eyes for entertainment and comfort.  They do not cry.  They have learned long ago that crying does nothing.  Many, many have been found to suffer from broken bones.  Bones broken by 'caregivers' and then left unattended.

How terribly sad.

And yet, there is hope!  There are many families desperately trying to bring children out of these horrid places!  All that is standing between them and their children is money and paperwork.  We can't come alongside of them and help with the paperwork and bureaucracy, but we can, most importantly, blanket them in prayer and help with the money side of things!  Even five dollars helps.  It assists in the costs, but also bolsters the families, knowing that others are aware and supportive of their efforts.


The Mulligan Stew giveaway is an awesome chance to help out AND possibly win big!  Click here to see the prizes that are up for grabs.  Give and give as many times as you can before the end of the month. Come alongside and bless these families and help these lovely children!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I just have to sing out praises today!  Sweet Bernadette has been chosen by a family!  Please lift them up in prayer as they begin this process to bring Bernadette home.

In other awesome news, the Mulligan Stew Giveaway has raised over $7200 so far!  Thank you for praying and sharing about it.  Click here for updates on the families' totals!
Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mulligan Stew Prizes

The Mulligan Stew giveaway is in full swing! So far, in just three days, $2305.00 has been raised for the ransom of these 30+ precious lives.  Isn't the Lord magnificent in His mercy and grace?  He multiplies our pennies as we trust them to Him.  I thought you may be interested to see all of the wonderful prizes available to those who join together to bring these children home.  This is a long, long, spectacular list! You can see pictures of the prizes here.  Click here to go to the main page and donate.  The more you give, the greater number of entries you have!  You can also accumulate entries as you give daily or weekly as you can.  This giveaway will last until the end of March.

 For now, HERE IS THE LIST OF ALL 83 ITEMS.  Total value is over $4,500.00.

  1. 3RD GENERATION iPAD 16GB WiFi with engraving - $500.00 value - donated by S.
  2. Kindle Fire Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi  - $200.00 value - donated by Molly
  3. Kindle Fire Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi  - $200.00 value - donated by Kelly
  4. Extra $250.00 donation to a waiting child of the winner’s choice
  5. Extra $100.00 donation to a waiting child of the winner's choice
  6. Extra $50.00 donation to a waiting child of the winner’s choice
  7. 250.00 gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond
  8. 250.00 gift card to Best Buy
  9. $100.00 gift card to Vintage Pearl
  10. $100.00 iTunes gift card
  11. $50.00 gift card of your choice
  12. $50 gift card to Bath and Body Works
  13. $25.00 gift card to Old Navy
  14. $25.00 gift card to Fandango
  15. $25.00 Kindle gift card
  16. $25.00 iTunes gift card
  17. $25.00 gift certificate to - This gift certificate will also benefit Lilly 3G on RR
  18. $15.00 gift certificate to Vadas Creation 
  19. $5.00 gift card to Walmart
  20. $5.00 gift card to Walmart
  21. Beautifully and lovingly made Afghan by the M. family - $100.00 value
  22. PUPPY EYES stained glass by Martha Walker - $50.00 value
  23. Handmade Dr. Seuss quilt for a Double bed with ornate and detailed quilting by Heather Vitella-  $400.00 value
  24. Owl purse handmade with love by Brenda - $20.00 value
  25. Owl purse handmade with love by Brenda - $20.00 value
  26. Happy Hartman Handmade soap - $15.00 value
  27. Happy Hartman Handmade soap - $10.00 value
  28. 4 Handmade potholders - Made with hands of love - PRICELESS
  29. Beautiful Dresser Scarf  - $10.00 value
  30. Chain crocheted by seven year old Maggie, who has a very big heart for orphans - Value: PRICELESS!!
  31. Set of cards from Africa - lovingly purchased from an African man in a handcart wheelchair - Priceless
  32. Set of cards from Africa - lovingly purchased from an African man in a handcart wheelchair - Priceless
  33. Set of cards from Africa - lovingly purchased from an African man in a handcart wheelchair - Priceless
  34. E-reader/ipad cover by Missy Breen - $8.00 value
  35. Tag blanket by Shelly Berman - $10.00 value
  36. Two very cute hand puppets by Missy Breen - $12.00 value
  37. Monkey receiving blanket by Kaitlyn - $15.00 value
  38. Pooh receiving blanket by Kaitlyn - $15.00 value
  39. Flower receiving blanket by Kaitlyn - $15.00 value
  40. Beautiful handmade child's quilt donated by Amanda Burlingham - $45.00 value
  41. Homemade hair clips and bow by Jamie Lentz - $20.00 value
  42. Melissa and Doug Vehicle Puzzles in a Box Set - $12.00 value
  43. 100% Highland newborn Booties and Aviatrix baby hat - $20.00 value
  44. ART GIFT SET (Crayola and Elmer's products) - $50.00 value
  45. Handmade doll by Becky Wangerin - $29.00 value
  46. 2 handmade grosgrain ribbon bows. One of the bows is a ladybug and the other is a butterfly. Plus a  bow organizer/holder for the bows. It is a wooden cloud with a long ribbon attached. By Alissa - $15.00 value
  47. Scrabble tile pendant with ball chain necklace. The picture is of a little juice box. By Alissa - $8.00 value
  48. Scrabble tile necklace with ball chain necklace.  The picture is of a flower. By Alissa - $8.00 value
  49. Handmade bird's nest silver wire wrapped pendant necklace with 3 blue eggs and simple silver chain. By Alissa - $15.00 value
  50. Can You Say Sew - t-shirt - You get to Pick!! - $12.00 value
  51. Calling Orphans Home t-shirt -You get to Pick!! - $25.00 value
  52. Kate Spade Black Leather Handbag - $295.00 value
  53. Utility tote - $30.00 value
  54. Metro bag - $52.00 value
  55. Lia Sophia necklace and bracelet - $188.00 value 
  56. BEAUTIFUL pendant handmade by Sarah - You get to design!! - $15.00 value
  57. Shamrock earrings (handmade) by Christina Reed - they are raising money for their adoption with these earrings - - $8.00 value
  58. Tiffany & Co. Revere 1 3/4 Qt. Crystal Bowl 7 3/4 Dia. - $70.00 value
  59. Antique Salad Servers (circa 1914) - $60.00 value
  60. Lladro: The Bridesmaid - $355.00 value
  61. Walt Disney Classics Collection Timon "Luau" - $64.00 value
  62. Walt Disney Classics Collection Snow White "Won't you smile for me?" - $75.00 value
  63. BIBLE STUDY GUIDE - (includes Teacher's Guide Unit 1, Student Pages Beginner Level 4 sets, Beginner Time Line and Bible Book Summary Cards (b/w) - $100.00 value
  64. Christian Books on CD Lot One - Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis -New (opened), How Good is good enough? by Andy Stanley, I Am Not But I Know I AM by Louie Giglio -New (opened), What Good is God? by Philip Yancey -New (opened), Just As I Am by Billy Graham - $50.00 value
  65. Christian Books on CD Lot Two - HOLY Discontent by Bill Hybels -New (opened), Radical by David Platt -New (opened), Rumors of Another World by Philip Yancey -Like new, Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado -New (opened) - $35.00 value
  66. Christian DVD Lot - The Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Forbidden Book (The History of the English Bible) - $50.00 value
  67. The Daily Message-through the Bible in One Year (entire Bible on audio CDs, organized by daily reading) -New (opened) - $10.00 value
  68. Digital Personalized Scrapbook - 25-50 page scrapbook - by Amanda Holmes - $100.00 value
  69. A Daybook of Grace: A Year of Devotions to Draw You Near to the Heart of God - $20.00 value
  70. “7 – A Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker - $15.00 value
  71. “7 – A Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker - $15.00 value
  72. “7 – A Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker - $15.00 value
  73. E-book - ANCIENT BIBLIOPLAN COMPANION - $39.00 value
  74. E-book - MODERN BIBLIOPLAN COMPANION - $39.00 value
  75. Charlotte's Chocolate Factory - winner's choice of brownies, blondies or cookies - $15.00 value
  76. Charlotte's Chocolate Factory - winner's choice of brownies, blondies or cookies - $15.00 value
  77. 1 dozen "cake balls" or "cake pops" by Kerri - $25.00 value
  78. 1 dozen "cake balls" or "cake pops" by Kerri- $25.00 value
  79. 2 loaves of homemade bread and honey by Diana Tyree - $11.50 value
  80. 2 loaves of homemade bread and honey by Diana Tyree - $11.50 value
  81. 2 loaves of homemade bread and honey by Diana Tyree - $11.50 value
  82. 2 loaves of homemade bread and honey by Diana Tyree - $11.50 value
  83. Chocolate gift basket - Comes with hand-carved wooden platter made from a Chinese Fir Tree.  Basket includes Chocolaty Cherry Amaretto Cheesecake Fondue, White Chocolate Sauce, Hazelnut Zebra Hand-Crafted Biscotti, Chocolate Toffee Hand-Crafted Biscotti, Godiva Milk Chocolate Cashews, Godiva Dark Chocolate Almonds, Godiva Milk Chocolate Strawberries, A Large Assortment of Lindt Cream Filled Lindor Truffles, A Chocolate, Berries, Cookies, Grahams, Crispy Rice & Pecans Bar, A Chocolate, Peanuts, Peanut Butter and Chocolaty Puffs Gourmet Bar, 2 Godiva 3.5oz Dark Chocolate Bars, Godiva Milk Chocolate Bar (3.5oz), Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar (3.5oz), Godiva White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch (3.5oz), Rich and Creamy Chocolate Walnut Fudge, Rich and Creamy Vanilla Walnut Fudge, European Delicacies Premium Cookie Assortment (incredible!), Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with a Creamy Peppermint Filling, Godiva Milk Chocolate Filled With Caramel, Godiva Dark Chocolate Filled With Raspberries, Ribbon, Wrap and Ivy Enhancements - $200.00 value

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mulligan Stew Giveaway

I'm so excited for the upcoming "Mulligan Stew" giveaway at Covenent Builders.  There are over 80 items donated!  So many precious children and families will benefit, including some families that are beginning the end processes of their adoptions.  Watch for more about the giveaway, including specifics of who will benefit, how to participate and pictures of donated prizes!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Rescued Children!

The My Family Found Me page has been busy!

Tyler has finally been chosen! I'm so happy for him.

Also newly moved over is Samuel.  His future suddenly looks a whole lot brighter!

And little Arnold is rescued!  What a relief!  He's such a darling.

However, Abbott is still waiting.  Won't someone please claim him?!  I dreamt of him last night being taken for the last time from his orphanage.  I pray it will truly happen soon! Psalm 68:6 is my prayer for you, dear Abbott!