Sunday, February 17, 2013

Neat Canning Idea

Almost finished.

I have a Camp Chef to use for outdoor canning, but if I didn't, I would certainly be showing this picture to my husband!  

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Labor of Love

*UPDATE* All of the entries were completed and the afghan was won by a dear lady who really wants Mabel home!  Thank you ALL for supporting her adoption!!

Last year, I began a crochet class for our local homeschoolers. With a note on our facebook group, I began recruiting folks who wanted to be a part of a service project. Many families responded and we began.  Hardly any of the moms and none of the children had crochet experience, but they were diligent and began learning stitches quickly.  After about three months, look at what they had created! It's a beautiful, twin sized granny square afghan!

They made it specifically to raise funds for a little girl nicknamed "Mabel".  She's nearly eight years old and is living in a mental institution in Eastern Europe.  She had a family deeply in love with her and working hard to bring her home, but circumstances beyond their control forced them to release her. I am still dedicated to praying and advocating for her until she is home. This afghan fundraiser will be a huge blessing to whichever family chooses to bring her into their family. I know it was a blessing to me to see these children and their mommies working hard to create it.

You can enter to win this afghan! Each donation of $10 to Mabel's account is an entry. Only 25 entries are being accepted.   Donations are fully tax deductible!  Email your receipt to me at THIS LINK and you will be entered.  You can also share this drawing on your blog or facebook and get an entry for a $10 donation to ANY Reece's Rainbow waiting child or adopting family that you want! You must leave a comment and link on THIS POST to be entered for the Pick-A-Child contest. Winners will be drawn using

Thank you so much for praying for Mabel and helping advocate for her!  Please pray diligently that she will be chosen again soon and be home FOREVER!