Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas to Abbott

The higher the adoption grant, the more likely a child is to be chosen by a family.  All donations are tax deductible. 

As we begin to celebrate the Christmas season, my heart grieves for Abbott, and all the children of Reece's Rainbow, spending their lives locked away from sight.  Some special few are here listed here. Each has a Warrior trying to raise $1,000 for their child's adoption fund.

If you read my blog, you know that Abbott is my special little guy. I've been advocating for him since  January and have posted about him often.

I imagine how he would look with his mother, playing at the park.  He'd have a smile on his face, rather than looking pensive, as he does in his profile picture.  His little, chubby cheeks would be flushed with joy. He'd love swinging through the air, feeling the wind rushing by and the tickle in his belly from the motion.

Then the slide would catch his eye and he'd point to it.  Mama would carry him over and guide him up. He'd slide with abandon, giggling the entire way down.  She'd swoop him into her arms and swing him in circles, hugging him tightly.  What a joy he is to her!  What a treasure!

But this is just my daydream for Abbott spends his days confined in a mental institution.  He has no mama to love him, no one at all who cherishes him.  Is he even allowed out of one single room?  We don't know.  Is he grouped with boys two times his size who bully him? We don't know.  Is he drugged into a stupor to keep him still and quiet? We don't know. Does he get enough food or any medicine when he's sick? We just don't know.

I pray that someone will see Abbott's picture and feel that tug at their heart. The tug that whispers "He's YOURS!" Adoption is a long, expensive process, but SO worth it!  The entire Reece's Rainbow community helps bring these children home. Over and over I see them rally and raise the ransom needed to complete families. To change lives. To make real change in this sometimes ugly world.  

Please pray for Abbott right now. Please pray for him tomorrow and the next day, too. Please pray for him until he's playing with his mama at that park.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Angel Tree is Almost Over!

There's only half a month left for Angel Tree and for me to raise Abbott's fund by $1,000.  So far we've raised $353 for him and his grant is standing at exactly $3000.  Praise the Lord!  Now I can announce that I have another $50 matching grant opportunity for him.  When his fund reaches $3050, $50 more will be sent his way by a generous donor.  Remember that all donations are fully tax deductible, so it's a double win!