Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 2009

What a month! We were busy with school,of course. I really should take some pictures of the Lambies at work, shouldn't I?

We harvested the remainder of the tomatoes and tore them out. Our friend Tammy blessed us with plenty of her pet llamas manure to enrich the soil for our winter garden. We plan to have carrots, lots of varieties of greens, garlic and maybe some peas.

GirlofGod and Trixie went camping with Daddy and Grandpa. Sadly, Daddy forgot to take any pictures.

Trixie broke her arm (you can go to her blog for more about that; she'll blog soon).

Getting costumes ready for Halloween took the rest of the month.

I'm hoping November will allow more time at home. I love the Thanksgiving season!!

ETA: This is an old post I moved over here. November did turn out to be restful until the end. Polly (the bride on the right in the above photo) was hospitalized Thanksgiving evening in the Childrens Hospital, ending up in surgery and staying there a week. It was a LONG week! Praise the Lord for healing and family & friends.