Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's the LAST Day!!

It's like the last mile of a marathon....the last hours of a fast....the last few minutes of giving birth!  IT's the last day to vote for Reece's Rainbow in the Cultivate Wines $50,000 grant contest!  Please take a moment and go vote.

For Asher, Angelina, Tara, Kyle, Dawn, Kai and all the rest.  Their lives will be forever changed.
All it takes is a click, a share, a word of encouragement.  VOTE!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


There's only a week left in the Cultivate Wines contest.  Reece's Rainbow is in the running for $50,000!! Fifty THOUSAND dollars!  Advocates beg and plead for $5 and $10 dollars....just think what $50,000 will do for the ten selected orphans!  They will find families much easier, those families are likely to choose siblings to bring home, too, and their entire communities, both physical and the online ones, will be touched! People will be inspired to begin praying about adopting  More advocates will be born.  More families will be created.

Have you voted yet?  Please vote and share the link.  Any adult with a facebook account can vote once a day.  PLEASE!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Angel Tree Season

I'm gearing up for Angel Tree season.  Angel Tree is Reece's Rainbow's biggest fundraiser of the year! Each child, 0-5 years old, is eligible to have an Angel Tree Warrior. Sadly, there are some children still not chosen.  Go choose a child to fight for for yourself!  The children who are available are those without a badge to the right of their profiles.

Angel Tree Boys
Angel Tree Girls

Once you've chosen a child or three, go to this page to request to be a Warrior.

My little guy is Abbott. I can't wait to see his little face smiling because his mommy is there with him, but for now, he remains forlorn and frightened.  We haven't received a new picture for some time, and I rather fear it when we do.

Will he still have pudge in his cheeks, or will he be gaunt like Sasha?

Will he be bitten like Archie?

Starving, like Lina?

Forsaken and forgotten like Ekaterina?

Perhaps he'll be well cared for still.... like Kai, but still longing for a family of his own?

Maybe the next time I see a new picture, it will be of his family celebrating having found him, like Lyla!

Please consider making a donation to Abbott's fund, in honor of his family to lighten their burden, to let them know that they are not alone in their love for him. And please, say a prayer for him. It's the most important thing that can be done and it costs NOTHING but your time!