Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hiking Together

(originally posted on my other blog 7-15-09)

We love hiking! We took a day and went on a new trail above Hospital Rock. We parked, then walked a mile or so to the trailhead (whew!)
. We met a couple of Rangers and they gave us an impromptu lesson on forest safety, the jobs and responsibilities of rangers, and plant identification.

We hiked for a while and found this beautiful grotto. The Lambies begged to wade around in the cool water. We let them remove their shoes and go for it. It was beautiful. If we come here again, we will add watershoes to our backpacks. A few people (including me) got scrapes and scratches on their feet. Tenderfoots!

Here's a pretty shot of the trail we followed.

We eventually got to a lovely place at the top of the river. My Honey took all the pictures there, though, so I have none. We relaxed on the rocks in the middle of the river for an hour or so, snacking and enjoying the beauty of our surroundings. There were so many water skippers! The Lambies had fun watching them and trying to catch them.

The hike back down sure seemed to go faster that the hike up! Poppa cooked up a picnic lunch for us at Hospital Rock. Some time to play around, relax a little more (see Missy in the background?) and then our wonderful day drew to a close.

I love having this lovely forest so close! We hope to hike Moro Rock in the next couple of weeks.