Friday, June 14, 2013

Home in 2013

Here we are at the halfway point in 2013.  Can you believe that June is half over? It's been quite a year for Reece's Rainbow.  EIGHTY-NINE children have already come home this year!  What a blessing to be involved with a group that makes so many homecomings happen.

Gary 158 ODMarnie_2012This summer, I am advocating for the Horton Family.  They are bringing home Gary, a seven year old who has limb difference.  Today, they announced the happy news that Marnie will be joining their family as well!

If you remember, they adopted Sophia Grace just a little over five months ago.  She was four years old and just 10 measly pounds.  She has thrived at home and is gaining strength and weight every day!


Look at the difference LOVE makes!

hortonPlease pray for the Horton's, the children and for a speedy process.  Pray that God's hand will be apparent in this by miraculous provision throughout the entire process and that the children's hearts will be prepared for them to learn to be loved.

Monday, June 10, 2013


This morning a familiar face appeared on the beloved page, "My Family Found Me".  IRIS!!

IrisSo happy for her and her family.  She's going to be such a beloved daughter and FINALLY know the love of a mother!  Praising the Lord this morning for her.