Friday, June 6, 2014

2013 Canning Inventory

I just realized that I failed to post my 2013 Canning Inventory here! I find it so convenient to refer back to previous years records to see how many of each item I made and whether I need to made more or less of certain things.  Notes to myself help me when I reuse a recipe.

6 pints lemonade jelly
3 pints grape jelly
95 quarts pinto beans
21 quarts chicken thighs
14 quarts vegetable beef soup
33 pints Creamsicle jelly
6 pints coleslaw (I love this, but my family doesn't care for it)
49 quarts applesauce
13 quarts pork and beans (too salty.  When using bacon, leave salt out of recipe)
12 quarts chicken breasts
6 quarts strawberries
17 quarts chicken broth
20 halfpints strawberry jam (gifts)
26 pints strawberry jam
6 pints mixed berry jam
7 quarts pickles
14 pints spiced peach jam
7 pints peach butter
17 pints pizza sauce
2.5 quarts peach honey (in fridge, not canned)
20 quarts green beans
1 quart, 4 pints, 8 12 oz. dill relish (WAY too much for a year for us!)
14 quarts chili verde (use less lime next time)
7 quarts and 5 pints white peaches
3 quarts and 2 pints picante sauce
5 quarts V8 juice/taco soup starter (Not nearly enough! That was GOOD!)
12 quarts Vintage Salsa (just enough, but more would be appreciated)
3 pints carrot cake jam
17 pints chili beans with meat
5 pints apple pie jam
7 pints apple jelly

I need more chicken broth, always.  I used up 2012's Zucchini Salsa, so it's time to make more of that.  Vintage Salsa is ever popular and needs to be bumped up another batch or two.  As always, I wish to make more meals-in-a-jar recipes for convenience.  2013 was a "lots of jam" year, so little is needed for 2014. Fruit excess will be made into roll-ups, gummy snacks, puree for breads, chunked for smoothies and frozen.  I am focusing on making beans in the crockpot at least once a week, so hopefully, less pintos are needed next year.