Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas to Abbott

The higher the adoption grant, the more likely a child is to be chosen by a family.  All donations are tax deductible. 

As we begin to celebrate the Christmas season, my heart grieves for Abbott, and all the children of Reece's Rainbow, spending their lives locked away from sight.  Some special few are here listed here. Each has a Warrior trying to raise $1,000 for their child's adoption fund.

If you read my blog, you know that Abbott is my special little guy. I've been advocating for him since  January and have posted about him often.

I imagine how he would look with his mother, playing at the park.  He'd have a smile on his face, rather than looking pensive, as he does in his profile picture.  His little, chubby cheeks would be flushed with joy. He'd love swinging through the air, feeling the wind rushing by and the tickle in his belly from the motion.

Then the slide would catch his eye and he'd point to it.  Mama would carry him over and guide him up. He'd slide with abandon, giggling the entire way down.  She'd swoop him into her arms and swing him in circles, hugging him tightly.  What a joy he is to her!  What a treasure!

But this is just my daydream for Abbott spends his days confined in a mental institution.  He has no mama to love him, no one at all who cherishes him.  Is he even allowed out of one single room?  We don't know.  Is he grouped with boys two times his size who bully him? We don't know.  Is he drugged into a stupor to keep him still and quiet? We don't know. Does he get enough food or any medicine when he's sick? We just don't know.

I pray that someone will see Abbott's picture and feel that tug at their heart. The tug that whispers "He's YOURS!" Adoption is a long, expensive process, but SO worth it!  The entire Reece's Rainbow community helps bring these children home. Over and over I see them rally and raise the ransom needed to complete families. To change lives. To make real change in this sometimes ugly world.  

Please pray for Abbott right now. Please pray for him tomorrow and the next day, too. Please pray for him until he's playing with his mama at that park.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Angel Tree is Almost Over!

There's only half a month left for Angel Tree and for me to raise Abbott's fund by $1,000.  So far we've raised $353 for him and his grant is standing at exactly $3000.  Praise the Lord!  Now I can announce that I have another $50 matching grant opportunity for him.  When his fund reaches $3050, $50 more will be sent his way by a generous donor.  Remember that all donations are fully tax deductible, so it's a double win!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Crew's Thanksgiving Menu

I love Thanksgiving time!  I enjoy the whole nine yards as far as the feast goes, and thought I would share our menu with you this year.

The turkey is brined in a mixture of 2 gallons water, 2 cups of kosher salt and 2 cups of white sugar.  I added three bay leaves and an orange and lemon sliced up.  After heating, to dissolve the sugar and salt, add some ice to cool it.  Not too much!  Brine the turkey an hour per pound.  My husband is smoking the turkey this year on our outdoor wood barbecue.

Also cooking outside, in a roaster oven, is a ham from Costco.

Side dishes will be homemade mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, buttered corn, Granny's Stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce (and canned for the sickos that prefer it), and french bread rolls.  This meal will be neither gluten-free nor low-carb!

Desserts will be lemon meringue pie, cherry cheesecake, and cherry pie.

What are you serving?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Angelina in 3G

Angelina is in Abbott's region. I imagine them adopted together and growing up as brother and sister!  However, she is in need of heart sugary.  She's not a baby any more, she's four and a half years old! She's probably been transferred already, but news is sparse, so we are not sure. Who knows how she is doing and if she's being followed by a cardiologist?
She has an excellent Warrior who is working hard all year long to raise the ransom for her future family.  There are many ways you can help Angelina.  Firstly, pray for her.  Pray for her health, for her safety and for her family to find her soon.

To help financially, you can give $35 (or more) to her FSP and get a beautiful Christmas tree ornament with her beautiful picture  on it.

If you like to shop online for gifts, Deb has a great shop called Love Leaving Legacy.  She has a facebook page and an Etsy shop.

She's also doing a Wreaths of Maine fundraiser.  Just select "Wielhouwer L 5084"  as the affiliate upon checkout.

You can shop with purpose for many of the Reece's Rainbow children this upcoming Christmas season.  Just visit "Intentional Christmas Shopping" and visit the many links.

Monday, November 12, 2012

'Tis the Season....

...for coughs!  Make up a batch of this remedy to have on hand when they arrive.

Honey Cough Remedy
 ¼ teaspoon Cayenne
 ¼ teaspoon Ginger
 1 Tablespoon Cider Vinegar (an organic one is preferred)
 2 Tablespoons Water

 1 Tablespoon Honey (use a locally produced raw honey, if possible)

 Dissolve cayenne and ginger in cider vinegar and water.
 Add honey and shake well.
 Take 1 Tablespoon as needed for cough.

You can also take raw garlic and grapefruit seed extract to help stop any infection that may be developing. 

found this recipe at Organic Herbal Solutions on 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kitty Korner

Winter must be coming on....the kitties are all wanting to laze around and even spend time on laps!  The Lambies thought it funny that all three kitties were snoozing so close to one another the other day, and asked me to take a picture of "Kitty Korner".

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Abbott's Teamwork Tuesday

My Abbott was chosen to be this week's Teamwork Tuesday child!  That means that several others will be posting about him and sharing the different ways that people can help him.  Also, to celebrate his $200 matching grant, at least 50% of each purchase made at Hooked on Hope will go into Abbott's account.  So far he has met one $100 matching grant during Angel Tree. Can we get this one met before Saturday the 17th?  His account needs to read $2985 for the match to be met.

Here's links to the posts about Abbott:

Flip-flops, Aprons and Pearls
Love Leaving Legacy
You Will Go Out With Joy
Tripping Differently
Once Child One Voice

Friday, November 2, 2012

Abbott Has A Matching Grant!

My dear Abbott.  He's been waiting SO long!  Five year ago, a tiny boy was born in Eastern Europe. I imagine his momma had been waiting eagerly for him.  When he was born, the doctors were quiet. They examined him....they noticed his almond shaped eyes, the creases in his palm, his little toes.  They told her sadly that he was defective.  They encouraged her to cast him away. I wonder if she held him. I wonder if she whispered her love into his tiny ear before handing him over?

Whatever happened, he ended up at a baby house. An orphanage.  He lay there, just one of many other babies.  He spent his days laying in a crib, staring at the walls and ceiling, with little stimulation and no mother's love. Later, he was moved to an institution.  Some institutions are better than others.  I have no idea how Abbott's life is now.  From his profile: "Recently he has been transferred to an institution and nobody knows how he is now." How very sad.  I PRAY someone will visit his institution and get an idea of how he is doing,  Even better, GO GET HIM!  There's a darling little girl in the same region, maybe in the same institution!  The very best of brothers and sisters, I think. Someone go get them out of there!

On the first night of Angel Tree, I was blessed to be able to announce a matching grant for Abbott.  $100 automatically doubling to $200 as soon as it was raised!  I went to bed, praying that my boy will find a family in these two months, and that I could help with some of the financial burden.  I woke to find the grant MATCHED and $200 offered as a new matching grant!

So if you donate to Abbott, using that handy little widget on the right sidebar or the donate button on his profile, your dollars will DOUBLE!  $5 becomes $10, $10 become $20, Slowly, slowly, $50 becomes $100 and $200 becomes $400 more dollars to help Abbott find a family to call his own! When his grant reaches $2985.00, this matching grant will be met.

Angelina has almost $5000 in her grant, which will be $6000 very soon, because she was one of the children selected to benefit from the Cultivate Wines grant!  Her advocate is working tirelessly for her, and has some mighty big fundraisers planned for Angel Tree.  Much of these children's adoptions are paid for in advance.  The Lord want to place the lonely into families!  Will you pray for Abbott and Angelina?  Will you share some of your blessings with these that have nothing?  Will you pledge to pray for them; that they would be protected in their health, their spirits and that a family would choose them SOON?  Please?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's the LAST Day!!

It's like the last mile of a marathon....the last hours of a fast....the last few minutes of giving birth!  IT's the last day to vote for Reece's Rainbow in the Cultivate Wines $50,000 grant contest!  Please take a moment and go vote.

For Asher, Angelina, Tara, Kyle, Dawn, Kai and all the rest.  Their lives will be forever changed.
All it takes is a click, a share, a word of encouragement.  VOTE!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


There's only a week left in the Cultivate Wines contest.  Reece's Rainbow is in the running for $50,000!! Fifty THOUSAND dollars!  Advocates beg and plead for $5 and $10 dollars....just think what $50,000 will do for the ten selected orphans!  They will find families much easier, those families are likely to choose siblings to bring home, too, and their entire communities, both physical and the online ones, will be touched! People will be inspired to begin praying about adopting  More advocates will be born.  More families will be created.

Have you voted yet?  Please vote and share the link.  Any adult with a facebook account can vote once a day.  PLEASE!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Angel Tree Season

I'm gearing up for Angel Tree season.  Angel Tree is Reece's Rainbow's biggest fundraiser of the year! Each child, 0-5 years old, is eligible to have an Angel Tree Warrior. Sadly, there are some children still not chosen.  Go choose a child to fight for for yourself!  The children who are available are those without a badge to the right of their profiles.

Angel Tree Boys
Angel Tree Girls

Once you've chosen a child or three, go to this page to request to be a Warrior.

My little guy is Abbott. I can't wait to see his little face smiling because his mommy is there with him, but for now, he remains forlorn and frightened.  We haven't received a new picture for some time, and I rather fear it when we do.

Will he still have pudge in his cheeks, or will he be gaunt like Sasha?

Will he be bitten like Archie?

Starving, like Lina?

Forsaken and forgotten like Ekaterina?

Perhaps he'll be well cared for still.... like Kai, but still longing for a family of his own?

Maybe the next time I see a new picture, it will be of his family celebrating having found him, like Lyla!

Please consider making a donation to Abbott's fund, in honor of his family to lighten their burden, to let them know that they are not alone in their love for him. And please, say a prayer for him. It's the most important thing that can be done and it costs NOTHING but your time!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Missy's Triumph!

For so long now, Missy has wanted to crochet!  EmBlem, Polly and I have been crocheting as much as possible lately to help a certain friend raise the fees needed to commit to the child they want to adopt, and Missy has felt rather left out.

Polly sat down with her again this last week and helped her try to hold the yarn and manage the hook correctly.  This time MISSY DID IT!! See the chain she is holding?  She did that all by herself!  She can even start the chain by making a slip knot by herself.

Missy even helped on her very first crochet project for Reece's Rainbow.  She made the foundation chain for this cute little guy:

He's up for grabs right now, for a very limited time.  Only eight entries are being accepted, at $10 each. Paypal if you want to participate!!  This should be the last time I send you to that paypal address.  My friend Colleen should be able to officially commit to her daughter this week and she'll then have a tax-deductible account to use!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bald and Beautiful

"The Stars Aligned" is guest blogging here at Loving the Crew. Please look carefully at these girls and really *SEE* them. Pray that their needs are met, their hearts are comforted by THE Comforter and that all of them find families, not just one!

Beautiful is an understatement.

There is no getting lost in their cute little pigtails,

You get lost staring into their soulful eyes

The ones that have a story to tell

Yes beautiful is in the eye of the beholder,

When I look at the bald yet breathtakingly beautiful girls on the page, my heart skips a beat.

You don't have to meet them to hear their story, stare into their eyes, there is a story to be told.

Almost every single one of these children areliving surviving life in a mental institution.

Almost all of them are confined to a crib.

Almost all of them are left unnoticed.

And almost none of them will be the chosen ones.

But what if I told you that one was chosen?
What if I told you that there is a mommy out there that found her daughter among the bald and beautiful?
Could you look at the photos and decide who? Could you see more worth in one than the others?
They are all worth it, they all need families, they will all make amazing daughters.

There's a story to tell, let these girls be heard today. Make a stance that the bald and beautifulare worthy.

Do you want to meet the mommy of one of our bald and beautiful?
We need your help to get there.

It costs $1,000 to commit to her.

Will you make a stance and prove that the bald and beautiful are NOT overlooked?
That they are loved and worthy?
That we will help bring her home?

Oh and did I mention that they have a matching grant right now for $500?

Let's bring the bald and beautiful home!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Adopting Mabel's Adoption Chip-In

Mabel is on "My Family Found Me", which means that there's is a family working toward adopting her!  Praises to the Lord!  However, before her family can officially commit, they need to pay for a home study and initial commitment fees.  Once they get this done, then Mabel can be moved onto "New Commitments" and a tax deductible account is set up to help her family with the costs of the adoption in the latter portion of the process. For now, all the upfront money has to come from their own pockets or from people who are willing to come alongside of them as they seek to follow God's command to minister to the orphans.  Donations directly to the family are NOT tax deductible.

I have pledged to help as much as possible to bring Mabel home.  I've set up a Chip-In Account that will be used exclusively for helping Mabel's family with these up-front costs.  I will also be blogging about various fundraisers and auctions that will be occurring to help raise these funds.

If you are on facebook, there's a group called "Adopting Mabel's Adoption" that you can join to keep up, in an up-to-the-minute manner.

Please pray for Mabel and her family, as they race to get her home as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Battle Time

There have been some epic battles around the Crew's home lately.  We got these out in preparation for many children visiting during the crochet class I am teaching to local homeschoolers.  Troubles, Jack, Missy and Polly have all been spending their free time engaging in warfare.  Imaginative play makes a Momma's heart happy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Angel Tree Season

Angel Tree is here!  Angel Tree is here!  The Christmas Angel Tree is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Reece's Rainbow kids.  Children listed on Reece's Rainbow who are aged 0-5 and have Down syndrome are eligible to have an Angel Tree Warrior.  I was assigned to my dear Abbott!  If you've read here for very long at all, you know how he has my heart.  I began advocating for him last year with the goal of getting his fund over $2500 and getting him onto the Moving Mountains page.  We met that goal!  The new financial goal is $3650, which is about $1000 from where he is now.  The ultimate goal, though, is finding his family.  He needs to be out of the institution he is in.

I am still going to be advocating for dear, sweet Mabel.  She, too, desperately needs a family and a large grant find will help them to bring her home as quickly as possible. 
I've set a personal goal of getting her fund up to $3500.  That will get her to the next Moving Mountains step.  I have some interesting things planned to help raise funds and awareness of my two "heart-babies".  Will you please commit to praying for them?  Please download their pictures, print them off and hang them where you will see them often.  As you walk past, say a word of prayer for their health, their safety, their hearts to be prepared for a family, and most of all, for a family to find them, claim them and GO GET THEM!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Hidden Ones

As an advocate for Reece's Rainbow, I try to being awareness of certain children.  Abbott was the first I hollered for. I wanted to get him to $2500 so he could get on the Moving Mountains page.  That goal has been met!  My next goal is to see him on My Family Found Me!  Will you pray with me about that?

Keith and his brother and sisters, who are home and Bernadette and Mason, whose parents are in process of bringing them home this very minute, have also been featured often.

Most recently, I've "Adopted Mabel's Adoption" and will be posting about her often. But today, I want to highlight some of the hidden ones.  These are kids that don't make the popular blogs.  They don't have a vocal prayer warrior or guardian angel.  They aren't on very many people's prayer list.  Will you join me in praying for them, even just this once, while you read this?   Could you spare them a thought tomorrow, too?  They are just as precious as any other child and truly deserve attention!

This adorable girl, Allison, is just five.  How cute is she??  She has Cerebral Palsy, but it doesn't look like she lets it slow her down!  

Alex is already eleven, and has spent years living in a mental institution.  Will anyone see him for the wonderful son he would be?

Lene, pronounced like Renee, is so sweet! She's only two years old and just the right age to add to a family! She'd not remember her years at the orphanage at all!


Handsome Jack is seven. He can go to school and do lots of things other boys can, but can't be in the sun.  His life will be shortened without proper care.

Pray with me, please, for these very special children who are some of the many hidden ones. Pray that their families find them soon and they are brought into a loving home where they can thrive! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Introducing: Mabel

Oh, the sweet feeling of saying that some of the kids I have advocated for are COMING HOME!  Bernadette and Mason's parents are going this week to bring them home.  Their new life is going to be so amazing!  I will post pictures (or at least links) to their homecoming when I get them.

The next child that I will be advocating for, in addition to 'my' Abbott, will be Mabel. She lives in the same orphanage as Bernadette and Mason.  She doesn't have a committed family yet, but I am praying that she will very soon.  I want them to be able to get her home as soon as possible, so let's get her fund built up for them!!  As of this minute, it stands at $2418.50.

I challenge you, dear readers, to go, this very minute, and add $2 or more to her fund.  That's less than the price of a cup of coffee at that famous smelly coffeehouse! It's tax-deductible and super easy to do. It takes thirty seconds at the most, it would mean so much to Mabel's future parents and it will truly make a difference in her life. Can a cup of coffee do that?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Money Secrets of the Amish

Who couldn't use more pocket money? No one I know would turn down free money.  By saving money rather than spending it, you are, in essence, giving yourself free money. If you actually physically took the money you saved by using the tips in this book, you would fill your piggybank quite quickly.  The overall theme is“use it up, wear it out, make do or do without.” 

 Most families have to live by these principles to survive in this economy.  We may not even realize we are doing it sometimes. Do you flip over the ketchup bottle to get the last squirt or toss it before you have to shake it to get more?  You are using it up.  Do you wear a pair of shoes until it gets a hole in the bottom or just until they get scuffed? You are wearing it out.  Have you ever 'made do' with something rather than buying a new one?  What about just doing without?  It can be done, despite what TV commercials will tell you.

Lorilee Craker's book "Money Secrets of the Amish" will deliver many ideas that you may not have thought of for saving money, whatever the size of your family!  Booksneeze sent me a free copy of this book to review.  I am not required to post a positive review, but this one earned it. I do recommend this book for anyone looking to save money, a lot or a little at a time. It all adds up to extra cash you to use as the Lord directs!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Christian Grain-Free Bloggers

If you are a facebook friend of mine or follow my recipe blog, you know that I lean toward the Primal way of eating much of the time, at least for the last couple of years. I am not, however, a "cavewoman", not do I intend to become one.  First and foremost, I will not be bound to any particular thing of this world besides following Christ. So many seem to let their way of eating, whatever it may be, get in the way of their relationship with Him.  Secondly, so many of the Primal/Paleo blogs and sites are unfriendly to Christians.   Some are totally clear of bias and focus on the food, some are evolutionary but not obnoxious about it, others are downright hard to read because of it. Some well-known forums are outright hostile to anyone who doesn't accept the evolutionary basis of their thinking.

There are a few places to go that are actually grain-free AND Christian.  I find these sites refreshing to visit and I visit often. I thought I'd give a shout out to them tonight.

Whole Family Strong  Jacque has such a gentle way of writing and her recipes are a hit here!

Clean Eats in the Zoo I visit here at least once a week.  She kicked my hiney with her month of At-Home CrossFit challenges, too.  I failed to do the whole month, but soon I will try it again!

Tropical Traditions This is where I get my coconut oil and coconut flour.  If you order, please use my referral number (9586157). I will get credit toward free products for referring you.  Make sure to read Brian's testimony; it's inspiring!

Do you know of any other Christian grain-free sites or blogs that I can add to my reading list? Please share if you do!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The Over-the-Wall Giveaway is complete and now it is time to announce the winners.  The real winners are Bernadette and Mason, who have recently met their parents and will be coming home as soon as possible!  The Rogers Family is still well short of their needed funds to accomplish this, though, so please continue supporting them as often as you can!  These pictures are the most recent I have seen of the children. Aren't they beautiful?!

Now onto the prizes!

Hover Effect
The winner of one year of BiblioPlan, in e-book form is Susan G.!

The winer of a $50 gift certificate from Lucky Lady Apparel is Jenni H.! 

This crocheted farmer's market bag has been won by Justine F.!
The first $25 Pick a Child is Christina S.!
The second $25 Pick-A-Child goes to Maureen G.!

Handiwork for Lilly

A $15 gift certificate to Handiwork For Lilly was won by Deb W!

The baby shoes go to Anne R.!

This crocheted lap-ghan was won by Deb W.!

The flags are on their way to Anne R.!

This was won by Christina S.!
The winner is Justine F.!

This was won by Justine F.!

Ah, Chili's!  This goes to Justine F.!

The winner is Mandy R.!

The winner of this is Mandy R.!
Avatar Image
This goes to Anne R.!

"Blue Beauty"belongs to Anne R.!

"Sweet Simplicity" is going to Julia N.!

"Golden Lace" was won byJustine F.!

I'll be e-mailing winners to get mailing addresses.  If a winner doesn't respond in a week, the prize will be re-donated to another giveaway.  Thank you to all who donated to bring these precious Lambies home! There's another fundraiser for the Rogers Family going on Facebook.  Go to to see all the goodies up for bid!