Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Honey took me up to the Sequoias. I took this picture from the roadway where we were parked. It's hard to imagine the size of the rocks up there without a person for scale. See where the river narrows and flows into a little waterfall? We walked across that submerged rock and then quite far up the river. There was no shore on the left side.

We had the river to ourselves a
nd were able to fish quietly, enjoying the land, the birds, the beautiful river and being with each other.

He taught me the roll cast and the forward cast, since this was my first time fly-fishing. It's quite different than bass fishing. It's fun,, but I will need more practice before being as comfortable tossing a fly as I am slinging a lure.

I sure do enjoy the mount
ains. I believe that the restored earth will be covered in forest, since it is the perfect expression of the grandeur of God.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Loving the Crew

I have been enjoying blogging at my other blog, Feeding the Crew, so I thought I'd start a family blog so I could talk about Loving the Crew. I have another blog, Distinctly Different, but have been having so much trouble blogging there, I am going to start over. I will be pulling some entries from there, so sorry if some pictures are less than current.

Let me introduce my crew:

I'm Momma
My handsome husband is My Honey
Our eldest daughter, EmBlem is 13.
Next comes GirlofGod, 12.
Then our eldest son, Vik, 11.
Next is Trixie, 10.
Let's not forget Polly, 8.
Or twins Missy and Jack, 7
And finally, the youngest, Troubles, who is already 4.