Monday, January 14, 2013

2012 Canning Inventory

I finally counted up last years canning. Here's the list!  I couldn't get enough apples, so my applesauce numbers are low and we will run out before apple season returns. I also couldn't can any apple marmalade or pie filling.  Also, I had so much jam left over from last year, I made very little this year.  Next year I hope to make more meals in a jar and canned meat and a wider variety of vegetables.

2012 Canning Inventory

7 pints Creamsicle
19 pints pizza sauce
13 quarts  chicken meat
75 quarts pinto beans
14 quarts Ranch beans
14 quarts ham and bean soup
8 1/2 pints Flamin’ Taco Sauce
5 quarts enchilada sauce
6 quarts spaghetti sauce
8 pints Banberry jam
7 quarts chicken soup
7 quarts meat chili
5 1/2 pints BBQ sauce
8 pint+1/2 dilly carrots
9 pint+1/2 dilly beans
7 pints apricots
2 pints mixed berry jam
8 quarts chicken broth
22 quarts zucchini salsa (given to K.)
19 quarts zucchini salsa
21 quarts zucchini sausage soup
4 pints black eyed peas
5 quarts chunky picante
2 quarts Vintage salsa
4 pints Vintage salsa (gifted to E.)
6 pints pickled peppers
6 pints pickled peppers (made with L.)
58 quarts green beans
7 quarts potatoes
2 quarts beef broth
1 quart mixed beef and chicken broth
11 quarts smooth picante
10 quarts applesauce
14 quarts pear applesauce
7 quarts stew meat
7 pints apple butter
3 1/2 pints cranberry sauce
14 quarts turkey broth

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2011 Canning Inventory

Oops, I didn't add last years canning inventory to this blog.  Here it is!

I canned a lot more this year! I know that I need more canned pintos, more chili, and I need to focus on getting some meat dishes canned.  I'm pretty happy with what I got done, though.

18 pints chili
7 quarts OJ (don't can OJ, it gets bitter...this was a waste)
42 pints strawberry jam
21 quarts pinto beans
15 pints Creamsicle jam
10 pints strawberry boysenberry jam
22 pints mixed fruit jam
6 pints boysenberry jam
9 pints gingered plum jam
4 quarts picante sauce
68 quarts green beans
3 quarts tomato juice
10 pints pizza sauce
12 pints mock pineapple
4 quarts elderberry syrup
3 pints elderberry syrup
7 quarts peaches
7 pint-and-a-half peaches
3 pints peaches
20 pints peach-blueberry jam
7 quarts pears
11 pints pear syrup
35 quarts applesauce
8 pints apple butter
4 pints pickled habenero and jalepenos