Friday, November 9, 2007

Who's On First?

Here's a peek into how things sometimes go in our home.
(originally posted on my other blog 11-09-07)

I went to The Common Room and found this entry by JennyAnyDots. I watched the very funny videos with the Lambies. After viewing the parody of "Ticket To Ride", the Lambies wanted to watch the real Beatles perform it, so we did. As we listened, this is what was said:

EmBlem: "Who's alive, Mom?"
Momma: "Two are alive and two have passed away."
GirlofGod: "Who had a wife?" (mis-hearing who's alive)
Momma: "They were all married, as far as I know."
Polly: "They were all married?! GROSS! That's a sin"'s a wonder anyone learns anything sometimes!

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