Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's a Birthday!

(originally posted on my other blog 2-20-07)

Today is my twins birthday! They turn 5. It's incredible that they are that old already! Jack gets to discontinue nap today, so he's very excited. He so wants to begin school! Polly who is in kindergarten is coaching him on how to write his numbers and is doing a great job! I give them both the first Calculadder page and they copy. Jack is left-handed, so it's interesting to teach him, since everyone else is righty. He often copies in perfect mirrored style when I give him his name to practice. Then he writes it correctly. He is a superhero nut, prefering Batman to Superman and Spiderman. We found him a neat Batman "computer" with preschool aged games. He'll like it, I'm sure!

Missy is able to say "Five" and hold up five fingers when asked "How old are you?". I don't think she really understands the question, but it sure looks better than the blank stare she gave before I taught her to respond! She can also consistently answer "What's your name?" with her name clearly enough to be understood. Any more questions than that, though, and she just stares. At home, she talks in great, long sentences, of which we do understand some words. The other day, I asked "Where is GirlofGod?" and Missy answered "In her room" so clearly that I thought it was my other five year old daughter talking! We celebrated! Missy will be receiving a big Magna-Doodle, among other smaller toys, and I know she'll love it. She played with one at a friend's home and was engrossed.

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