Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jars, Oh, Jars!

(originally posted on my other blog 11-12-08)

I've been canning this year and was blessed by a friend, Lori, with a good number of jars. I was actually able to fill them all up! A couple of weeks ago, I went to the store to buy some jars and was surprised by how reasonable they were. I put two
boxes of pints jars in the cart. Later in the trip, I bought something unexpected, and ended up putting the jars back, expecting to get them the next week. When I went back, the price has risen by three dollars a box! I changed my mind, that's for sure.

I went home and put another wanted ad on Craig's List. I had previously asked, and received a half dozen quarts and a dozen and a half pints. This time, someone answered in a huge way!

Joe, a man in his mid-70's, wrote that he had about 60 quarts and 60 pints that he'd let me have for free! I drove out and met him, and collected the jars. He had a real-and-true in the ground fruit cellar, a rare thing in these parts. He and his wife canned often, over 25 years ago. These great jars had been waiting for me all that time! They were quite dirty, but after being washed, I only had to throw out two for damage to the rims. WHAT A BLESSING!

The final count was 71 quart jars, 9 pint and a halfs, and 118 pints, along with several neat old glass Gatorade bottles with lids that will store kombucha well. I think I'll have enough jars for a little while!

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