Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Puzzle Organization

(originally posted on my other blog 9-12-07)

When my Lambies were small, we began collecting puzzles. They still love working puzzles to this day. But often, little EmBlem would craftily get all the puzzles out and frolic amidst all the pieces. She was quite a climber and was very good at figuring out how to get to high places! It was so frustrating.

So, on all her cardboard puzzles (you know, the ones with the cardboard trays) and the ones with 24 pieces, I did this:

Gather them all together and get a Sharpie. Flip the first over so the backs are all showing and write a "1" on every piece. Then write a "1" on the tray. Repeat with each puzzle, marking with "2", :3" etc. Then, when the baby gets them all out, you can sort them easily!

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