Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Garden

Fall was in the air, the last few weeks. Not so much this week, I have to say! I planted peas, three types of lettuce, and spinach two weeks ago. I have been seeing pea-sprouting goodness the last few days! The lettuce should peek up soon.

Aren't they cute?

These are "Dwarf Gray Sugar Peas". I bought them from Azure Standard.

The package claims that they date back to before 1773. They are 24"-30" high and produce beautiful purple blossoms. They then turn into pale green pods that are stringless and fiber-free. NO STAKING REQUIRED! Plant 1" apart. They are ready to harvest in 59-65 days.

Don't they sound like the best? However, I did find this post about them...

Our tomatoes are going strong still, too.

We've got plenty of 'maters still, which is so nice for salads. We have 100's of green ones ripening, too. They make me happy!

I will be planting more lettuce and spinach, and maybe some radishes and green beans in the next few days. I am looking forward to freshly harvested greens again soon!

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