Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gifts Have Been Made

Jackson 2007The children of Russia have been denied families by their president.  He has made it clear that they will not be lifting the adoption ban in the foreseeable future.  Sadly, Abbott is stuck there, in a mental institution, most likely for the remainder of his life. I pray that a family will bring him home, but statistically, that rarely occurs there.  The special needs children are not the ones who escape through domestic adoption.

Reece's Rainbow has prayerfully made the tough decision to gift the Russian childrens' funds to children who are available for adoption.  Lives will be saved, just not Russian babies lives.  They allowed advocates to have a voice in the gifting of the funds. Abbott's funds have been given to Jackson, who is in PRC.

Jackson's fund is now at $3865.40. My first goal, besides seeing him on MFFM, will to be to round that total out to $4000. Next, we'll get him moved onto the $5000+ Moving Mountains page!  Donations can be made by check or Paypal.

UPDATE: Jackson's fund is up to $4027.40!  Please keep sharing his story!!

UPDATE: Jackson's family has found him!  Praise the Lord with me!! Visit his family's blog to follow their journey and to see NEW pictures! Once they have their FSP (Family Sponsorship Page), I will post with a link. Until then, donations can not be made.


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