Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ant Killer

(originally posted on my other blog 10-10-07)

We have had ants on and off for a few months. I have finally for something easy to mix up that seems to do the job.

Ant Killer
Combine on something the ants can climb easily onto/into; I used a canning jar lid:
1/2 tsp EACH aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet, etc it's a potent poison, to humans and insects!), Borax, and honey.
Add a drop or two of water if needed to thin out the mixture. Mix well.
Set into the path of the ants. They will gather, many thousands together, and take it back to their colony for food. It should wipe them all out in a day or two!

I had ants in my cup cupboard three or four weeks ago. I used this and I haven't seen one in the kitchen anywhere since!

They were in my bathroom this morning. They came from under the counter top by the wall and tracked down into the sink. I guess they were thirsty?! Out came my mix! I put it out at about 6:30 AM, and by 9 AM, it was surrounded by thousands of ants drinking their way to death. I took this shot at about 10:30 (photo deleted), when most had already gone back home and poisoned the queen. Many of the ants you see here are stuck in the honey and drowning. I have only about 20 ants roaming the counter, and they will be gone by this afternoon.

Happy killing!

(6-2008 Update) They did disappear. I haven't had them back yet this year either. Insert Happy Dance Smilie!

(1-2010 Update) Still use this when we get the occasional ant trail. Still works just as well!

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  1. Our ant roommates are completely taking over the household. They started in the bathroom and kitchen, but are in every room now, we find a few in all our beds every day, I find them in my clothing and my purse....So your aspartame recipe has its job cut out for it here, but I'm hopeful this will be the solution, and we will let you know how it goes.


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