Saturday, June 27, 2009

Farmer's Market Bounty

(originally posted on my other blog 6-27-09)

I have three extra kids today, and had to wait for them to arrive, so I got a late start on my Saturday plans. I went first to get my eggs and milk from my friend, Tammy. She has such a nice little farm! We spent a couple of hours there seeing all the animals (for the sake of the visitors. My kids have seen them often). We came home to potty up, put away the food and then left for the Farmer's Market and plum picking.

It was noon, and the farmer's market was closing up for the day. There were only a few vendors still there. I ran to the first one, and swooped on the remaining green beans. She asked $13 for the table full. Of course I'll take that!

Then down the way, another man had a wide variety of fruits and veggies. I asked how much the corn was. He said 10 for $1. I asked how much for the whole basket (LOTS). He said, give me $5 you can have them all. Then he loaded me up with all sorts of other goodies.

He also said that if I came at closing time every week he'd make me the same deals. WOO HOO! I gave him another $5 (that's all I had) and got all of this for $23:

In fact, I forgot to add another full bag of corn to the picture. The kids all had two or three ears raw with lunch and that bag had been forgotten on the counter.

We also were able to get the two buckets of plums from a tree in a friend of a friend's elderly mother's home for free.

We got to see Tammy twice today. I asked her to share in the bounty. So I have been doubly blessed!

Praise Jehovah-Jirah!

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