Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Trip to The Dunes

(originally posted on my other blog 6-10-09)

We've had great weather lately. It's been in the low 80's for a week! In JUNE! Well, that means we have to get out and do some fun things. Today, I took the Lambies to The Dunes. It's around the block from our house, where they started building houses, but never finished. All the dirt piled around has been fashioned into some mighty fun jumps.

All the kids got into the action:

Troubles was scared this first time, but climbed up over and over to ride down again.

Missy was the second to try this hill. Brave girl!

She bore to the left and avoided that jump. Jack did not. He jumped it quite a few times before the inevitable happened.

He hit his mouth on the handlebars. Poor guy. He got up and did the jump again, though! Here's his poor lip a couple of hours after the bonk.

The Lambies all want to go back again with Dad. I'm glad we found out about this fun spot.

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