Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We Ate This!

(originally posted on my other blog 11-29-06)

Hello, all! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We had a great Thanksgiving vacation. We traveled to My Honey's Father's home, and feasted with our family there. On Friday, the men went fishing, as is dictated by family tradition.

Four years ago, the after-Thanksgiving fishing trip almost ended tragically. My Honey, his Father and their friend D. had a terrible car accident on the way home. The Beautiful '68 Bronco was totaled. None of the men needed (or was that, agreed) to be hospitalized, but my Father-in-law still has shoulder trouble from it. My Honey (who has since been in another car-totaler) is nearly always sore in the shoulders and back. You just have to know the men of my family to understand them! Cut from old stock they are! The kind that would, if shot for example, just might dig around in the wound, pull out the bullet, and stitch themselves up.

Anyway, that year, they caught six wonderful stripers, but gave them to the firemen who dealt with the accident, as no one was well enough to fillet the fish! We watched the firefighters begin their fishfry from the hospital waiting room as glass was being removed from inside the ear of D.

Fastforward to this year...

Safe at home with the catch of the day:

My Honey caught five (three keepers and two a little too small)!!! This was the biggest. There were six keepers caught all together.

Now here's a shot to give a little more perspective: The fish is longer than BabyJ is tall!

Meanwhile, the Lambies, the Cousin, the Aunties and I went to a science museum on Friday. We were able to meet a California Desert Tortoise, a box turtle and a beautiful red-tailed hawk. We also enjoyed a planetarium show, an exhibit on bones (with real skeletons!), we met a couple on vacation from China, and enjoyed *just running* at full speed and screaming at the top of our lungs outside in the amphitheater. A better day could only be accomplished by having Daddy with us, too. Of course, he was providing our meals for the next two days! My that fish was tasty!!

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