Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Projects

Whew, we've been busy lately! "Doing what?" you might ask. Well, several things, really. The biggest project we've had is a book drive, as I blogged about before. We are participating in Disney's Give a Day, Get a Day promotion. We finished collecting recently and here is the result:


We didn't count the individual books, but we had 33 boxes of various sizes. Here they are all packed into the van:


We drove the hour to the drop off site and delivered the books with our friends, the K. family. They participated, too, and we'll be enjoying our day at Disneyland together. It was a big project, but I am so glad we participated. The books will be sold next Saturday and the Hope For Future Victory School in Uganda will be blessed.

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  1. I received the link to the vouchers and printed them off today, without problem. Disneyland, here we come (sometime in March, most likely...)!!


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