Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Give a Day, Get a Day

Have you heard about it? Disneyland is giving free admission to the park for those who complete a volunteer day with one of the organizations who are listed with them. We went to Disneyland three years ago and had such a good time! When we heard about this promotion, we were very excited. Troubles will really be able to enjoy it this time, and many of the older children will get to ride on things they weren't tall enough for last time.

I went to the HandsOnNetwork site and found a charity that allowed children to serve, too. I found nothing in our town, or even very near, but there was an opportunity in the nearest city. We are collecting books for a sale that will occur on Feb. 27th. The proceeds of the book sale will go to benefit an orphanage in Uganda, Africa. Just $1 feeds those children three meals a day. Each book collected and sold will make such a difference in a real life. The woman that is organizing the sale sends every single dollar to the orphanage directly, so none is lost to overhead.

Here are pictures from the orphanage.

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