Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vacation Pics

We've been on vacation this week since Grandpa and Grandma are visiting and we have been making the most of it! Grandma let each child choose a birthday present from the store. Hopefully the older kids will blog about their gifts.

Among other things, we visited Chuck E. Cheese's:

We've spent lots of time outside enjoying the warm sun and the opportunities it brings. Grandpa challenged Polly to jump into the pool fully clothed..with an offer of $5. What kid would pass that up? He got a wet hug when she climbed out.

The oldest Lambies went boating with Daddy and Grandpa, but I have no pictures of that. Grandma and I took the younger children out. Playing at the park is always fun...

...especially when it has all new equipment!

Tomorrow we begin our week by worshiping our Lord and fellowshipping with the brethren. Sadly, we'll also have to say good-bye to Grandpa and Grandma for another year. Thanks for visiting, G&G! We had such a great time!

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