Friday, November 5, 2010

Helpful Kitchen Charts

I often joke that my brain is full of holes; that I forget anything not written down somewhere. It's not really a joke. I remember important things like my Lambies' names, but little things can escape me if I'm not careful.

Like what temperature means chicken is done? What kind of salad green is in season this month? How many cups of grain do I need to grind to make X amount of flour? How do I use this gadget again? Where's the spare battery for the digital thermometer?

Well, for easy reference, I thought to make copies of some kitchen charts I liked and/or needed and I taped them inside my cupboards. I refer to them often and freed up brain space at the same time!

When the cupboards are closed, there's no cluttery mess yet I have the info I need at a moments notice. It works for me!

ETA: You can click the pictures for a bigger view. I tried to get clear enough pics so you could read the charts. Hopefully they'll be helpful info for someone on them!

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