Sunday, November 7, 2010

OCC Portrait

We had a family picture taken for Operation Christmas Child today at church. We're packing a couple of boxes and sending them on their way, along with a note and a picture. Have you plans to participate in OCC? It's a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving by actually giving!


  1. Every year we have done OCC... we usually do one box per child. they get to pack a box for a kid just like them :-) I am not sure if we will this year though... it usually takes about $20 to fill a box, and they want the $7 for shipping to go on top of that... times 6 kids is alot of $$$... We have never put a picture in the box though... that is a neat idea. Have you ever ended up with a pen pal? that would be really neat!

  2. We used to do a box per child, too, but it is cost-prohibitive now. Did you know you can now track your box and see exactly where it ends up? How exciting and it's a geography lesson built right in to serving!


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