Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yard Sale Treasures

I went yard sale-ing this morning and found many treasures! This tub of REAL Legos? $5!

Almost all of these books are going to be listed for Wilson. Just three four will be staying with us. (I was told that we do not have one of the books I thought we did)

FIVE pairs of good Rollerblades (one even Rollerblade brand!) to fit growing, active feet.

I also bought five pairs of kids jeans, a shirt, a pair of Teva shoes (for me!!), Vans and a pair of slip-on 'barn shoes'. All of this set me back a mere $19. I actually came home with change in my pocket still! Thanks, Lord, for the blessings.


  1. WOW....impressive! I SO need to take up yard-saleing....just as soon as baseball season is over:)

  2. I might be interested in that red book there... can you tell me about it?

  3. It's called "The Dangerous Book For Boys". It's one of the ones that we didn't have. We have the complimentary Pocket Book and both versions of the Daring Book For Girls, too. Both of the girls version are available on Wilson's Library Thing!


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