Thursday, September 15, 2011

Camping 2011

Looks like a picture postcard, doesn't it? This is where I spent the last four days with my family!

We've camped at this site five times in the last seven years. Whenever we're here, we take a family picture in front of this tree. I'll have to scan past years pics and post them for Grandma.

This is on the trail leading from our campsite. The smaller children hiked here over and over. Many adventures were played near this brook!

I love our forests. We can drive an hour from home and be in a whole different world!

One day, my Honey and I will have a little cabin somewhere up here, breathe fresh air all the time, fish every morning and see views like this from our front porch. I miss it already!


  1. Some days I think I've come to terms with my infertility and think that I am satisfied to "settle" for the only two children we were able to adopt. Then I come across a blog like yours. Sigh. I long for the wonderful house full og loving chaos I grew up with as one of eight. You are truly very, VERY blessed!!

  2. Oh, Patty, I do know I am blessed! Thank you! Can you adopt more children?


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