Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Harvest Time!

The Farmer's Market surplus harvest season has begun! Two weeks in a row now, I have been able to get large flats of green beans and peaches. I now have my goal for the year (as far as green beans go) met! I finished 21 quarts last week and 28 this week. With what I had canned earlier from my picking at a friend's garden, I am over 52 quarts. I made 20 pints of Vanilla Peach Blueberry Jam on Sunday. I have just about all the different peach jams I had hoped to make done. The freezer has many gallon bags filled with sliced fruit for smoothies, too.

On the canning docket for the rest of the week: making chicken broth with the carcass of the chicken we got Saturday, canning the Peach Honey that finished cooking today, making Chili con Carne with my friend M. who wants to learn how to pressure can, Mock Pineapple and maybe some Banberry Jam. I have to convert this recipe to Pomona pectin before I make it. I love these cooler days when canning is a pleasure!

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