Sunday, February 5, 2012

Problem Solving: Bathroom Towels

We've always had a problem in the bathroom: towels on the floor.  Nobody ever puts them there, of course.  Silly little Nobody.  He does more around here than all of the children combined!

So we are attempting to fix this.  First and foremost, we let each child choose a colorful new towel.  They have been taught to keep their towel on a hanger in their own closet and bring it with them to the bathroom when they shower.  Then they take it back in their room and hang it up again after they shower. Now, if a towel is left on the floor, we will know exactly whose towel it is.

All the white(ish) towels that formerly lived in the bathroom are going to be used for swimming towels during the summer swimming season. There is a set of nice towels hanging on the shower door that are FOR SHOW OR GUESTS ONLY.  So far, believe it or not, no one has dried their hands on them or used them after a shower!  Could we have solved the 'Towel On The Floor' problem?  I sure hope so!

If you have a problem that you would like addressed, please leave it in a comment.

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