Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Totals and More Fundraisers and Giveaways

The Mulligan Stew giveaway is over and almost $49,000 was raised for the kids and families.  What a blessing to be able to be involved in it!  There are some donations via check that are still coming in, so a final, exact total has not yet been figured.

There are always quite a few other giveaways and fundraisers going on and I thought I would link to some of them. If you want to share another, please link it in the comments!

Hidden Treasure-an auction benefitting the adorable Keith Unroe

Clare....her family was fully funded, but had an unexpected delay that will add about $4500 on to the cost of their gotcha trip.  They are having a giveaway featuring an iPad, in addition to other cool things.

Lillianna-top prize is an iPad 3, 32g!

Sam and Duncan-They have a matching grant, up to $2000, but just until April 4th.  Even if you read this after that date, they still need help!

Bernadette and Mason-someone has blessed them with an Etsy fundraiser.

No Greater Joy Mom-this has not yet been announced in full detail, but check back often. It will be soon!

Vitaliy-This a puzzle fundraiser.  Donate $10 and your name will be written on a puzzle piece for Vitaliy to see all who helped bring him home.

Gracie-another chance at an iPad!

Sara- Lots of fun giveaway items here!

A Chance For Chandler-look at his sweet face!!

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