Friday, March 30, 2012

The Family Challenge-MET!!

We are *this* close to meetingWe met the Family Challenge for the Mulligan Stew giveaway!  Want to see then new numbers?  Keep reading.

First, let's remember that Laurel and Harmony have $500 each riding on meeting this challenge.  They are both SO close to aging out and not being chosen!  Please share Laurel's picture and the stories of both girls.  Even something as easy as that can make a world of difference!  Their families may be just one or two clicks away from seeing them for the first time!  There's a new picture of Harmony over at Covenant Builders. I can't share it here, but do go look!!

There's also a giveaway within a giveaway today!  Give to any of the children, families or the Lost Boys today and you are entered to win one of 26 EXTRA prizes!  These will be awarded Saturday night.  We have to wait until Sunday for the drawings for the Mulligan Stew prizes.

So the totals as of 7:30 AM PDT are as follows:  The giveaway has raised a total of $34,413.46!!  What an amazing number!  363 people have donated.  Will you share this post to all of your friends, please, so new folks can get a chance to join in?

Family summaries are as follows:

The Unroe family - $1357.77 raised - OVER THE WALL!!
 The Carpenter family - $2251.00 raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Burman family - $2010.00 raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Menges family  - $1660.00 raised - OVER THE WALL!!
 The Duncan family - $2140.00+ raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Booth family - $2000 + raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Brown family - $2000 + raised - OVER THE WALL!!
The Archer family - $2030.00 raised - OVER THE WALL!! 

I can't wait to write that they are ALL over the wall and the challenge has been met!  PLease keep praying for our giveaway and its hostess as the time to end draws near.  The enemy loves to attack when good is being done and lives are being saved.  Bur our God is mighty to save and is the Father to the fatherless!  Praise His holy name!

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