Thursday, May 24, 2012

Joy in the Morning!

I'm so happy to announce that Abbott's fund has grown!  He's up to $2311 and needs just $189 shy to get to the Moving Mountains page!  Please pray for Abbott; for safety and health while he's in the institution and that a family would choose him soon!

In other good news, Silas has found a family!  He's waited for so, so long!  Hopefully his family will get their blog set up soon, so we can follow them on their journey to their son.

Kristopher, too, has been chosen!  He's such a little cutie and trapped in that bad know the one.  The b.a.d. one.  Pray for a fast process for his family so he can be home as soon as possible!

Keith, Ahnja, Nicholas, Paula and Anjelina's family has finally been given a court date.  They will be in front of the judge on June 12th.  Pray for a good judge and that they will be home by the end of the month. 

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