Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Crew's Thanksgiving Menu

I love Thanksgiving time!  I enjoy the whole nine yards as far as the feast goes, and thought I would share our menu with you this year.

The turkey is brined in a mixture of 2 gallons water, 2 cups of kosher salt and 2 cups of white sugar.  I added three bay leaves and an orange and lemon sliced up.  After heating, to dissolve the sugar and salt, add some ice to cool it.  Not too much!  Brine the turkey an hour per pound.  My husband is smoking the turkey this year on our outdoor wood barbecue.

Also cooking outside, in a roaster oven, is a ham from Costco.

Side dishes will be homemade mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, buttered corn, Granny's Stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce (and canned for the sickos that prefer it), and french bread rolls.  This meal will be neither gluten-free nor low-carb!

Desserts will be lemon meringue pie, cherry cheesecake, and cherry pie.

What are you serving?

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  1. only one pie this year, pumpkin.. still doing my same turkey brine.. mine is like yours without the sugar, and add onion, thyme and pepper. going bare bones this year, and just doing mashed potatoes (we like ours creamy with garlic and skins on per dh), and gravy and stuffing too.. no veggies, why ruin a perfectly good holiday LOL.. that is what my husband thinks. And doing canned sauce whole and jellied.. hope to make it next year, at least I could cook again this year, last year dh did duck. And we always have OLIVES, it is a memory I brought with me from childhood, my sister and other distant kid relatives would put them on our fingers.


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