Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reece's Rainbow Updates

There have been quite a few "happenings" regarding the children I advocate for on Reece's Rainbow. I'll start with the bad news....

As you've probably heard, a certain country has banned adoptions of their discarded children by Americans.  Despite the fact that hundreds of these precious children die every year in state "care" and they are almost never domestically adopted, even the special needs children are being denied families if those families happen to be American.  Some of the children I have advocated for are in this country.  Abbott and Angelina, who I hoped would someday be brother and sister, are now almost certainly going to grow up without hope of a family of their own.  Please pray for them.

In better news, Mabel has a committed family!!  I'm so thankful that she will be home soon. This family  doesn't need any help fundraising, so I won't be posting any more opportunities to help bring her home.  I will post, if I am given permission, a picture of her with her afghan that the crochet class made.

Meet Lillie

Lillie will be the next little girl to benefit from Hooked on Hope, my family's crochet fundraising page. I'll be blogging about various opportunities to help build her fund and bring her home!  If you want to help support Little Lillie, you can go join this page: Sweet Cheeks Fan Club.  Let me know if you will be praying for her and her family!!


  1. Any idea who Mabel's family is??

  2. Mabel's family is remaining private, but I have been told that she should be home by the end of summer at the latest! Praise the Lord for her freedom!


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