Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Heritage Skill Part One: Complete

My three-part Heritage Skill is one third of the way finished. I decided that I would like to learn to make socks for my family, if need be. The project is three part: learn to make crochet socks, learn to make knit socks (this will require me to learn to knit!) and learn to spin wool fiber into yarn.

Since I have crocheted since I was a little girl, the crocheted socks weren't too hard. I used this pattern. If you use it, make sure to read the comments section for clarification of two points of difficulty in the pattern. I'll be making this pattern next.

I have learned the knit stitch fairly well and am working at purl. I have a friend that has llamas and spins their wool into beautiful yarn. She has agreed to give me spinning lessons beginning sometime in the spring.

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