Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carson and John

Can I ask a favor? When you are finished reading here, could you pop over to Tesney's blog for a few minutes? She wants to share the story of how Kirill has been miraculously freed from the orphanage, but has a request. Little Carson and John have a serious skin disorder called EB. Their skin blisters and opens with the slightest of trauma. It's a cruel disease. Can you imagine living with it, even with the love and tender care of a family, let alone in a stark orphanage? She's got a challenge for us all, to donate just a mite....$4 from 5000 people would full fund their adoption. Their family is ready, willing and able to go get them, they are just waiting on funds.

Could you spare the cost of a cappuccino; the cost of a couple of cans of coconut milk, the cost of a 12 pack of soda? Can we work together as the body of Christ to bring these boys home?

Go, read, ChipIn!

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