Thursday, May 5, 2011

MUS Time!

Missy's math skills have greatly improved this year. Several months ago, we were given a wooden tray designed to hold MUS blocks. It has channels cut into it to build the problems in. After lots of work, she finally understands how to build the number sentences! She lays a ten block atop the numbers, then she finds the unit block that will complete the equation and writes the answer. Look at the page she did!

Thanks, Maria, for the gift. It's been beneficial and appreciated!


  1. We just started doing MUS with the girls, and Jor will start as soon as his arrives in the mail. We met Steve Demme at the homeschool conference, and he was super nice. I told him how my online friends all love MUS.

  2. Great! I just picked up some free videos and a dvd from MUS at the local PUBLIC SCHOOL's Parent club rummage sale! For 50 cents each!

    Rachel Biddlecome


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