Saturday, July 30, 2011


Last night, a branch on our Bradford Pear tree fell. No wind, no rain, no cause but a weak (unpruned!) tree, I guess. So today, My Honey and all of the Lambies are working on cutting the branch up and pruning the tree. I am taking pictures to document the fun and making a Big Breakfast to feed all the hard workers. I love my job!

ETA: Of course, after making, and eating, breakfast I joined the family in the work. It took several hours, but we got it mostly done. Our green can is full, it will get picked up Tuesday, and we'll fill it right away again. It will probably take a month to get all the branches and leaves hauled away. I wish we had a chipper! Then we'd have lots of free mulch rather than a pile that means an extra weekly chore.

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  1. Bradfords are so bad about that, but they are such pretty trees.
    I like your end of the job better, too.


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