Monday, June 25, 2012

A Hurdle Overcome and More to Go...

My dear little Abbott has finally achieved $2500 in his fund!  Thank you so much for helping him reach the Sizable Grants page.  It's also called Moving Mountains page...for a good reason.  Money is the major factor preventing people from adopting these children.  The larger the child's grant, the better chance he or she has to be chosen.  Please pray for Abbott; that his family will see him soon.  He's been in a mental institution for months and no one knows how he is doing there.  No one is adopting from this institution right now, so there will be no updates for the foreseeable future, unless someone is seriously inquiring about him.  I pray that the day will come soon to see him on the "My Family Found Me" page.  I will continue to advocate and fundraise for Abbott until he comes home!  Right now, you can help him and get a handmade bookmark.  For a donation of $10 or more to his fund, I will send you one of the beautiful creations my daughter and I have made. Click here for more information.

Speaking of hurdles, specifically financial ones, the Olympics are coming up soon.  This has thrown an unexpected monkey wrench into several families adoptions.  Airfare, food and hotel costs have soared, leaving fully funded families short and those almost funded are farther than expected from their goals.  Efforts are underway to help them and others that are traveling soon.  Please click through to offer your support to these families who are following the calling of the Lord.

A Baby Shower for the Unroe Family  This faithful family has 13 children already....1 by birth and 12 adopted domestically.  They are now adding 5 more from Bulgaria, each of whom have Down Syndrome.

The Rogers Family is bring home dear Bernadette and handsome little Mason.  I've blogged about them before.  They are getting quite close to travel and are still in need of God's people to help!

The Finale Fundraiser    The Westbrook Family recently brought home two children and are returning next month to add two more girls to their crew.  They are many thousands of dollars short of what they need.  ETA: This family is now fully funded, but they are continuing their giveaway to benefit other families that are very near to traveling!  PRAISE THE LORD!!

There are other families that aren't traveling in the next few weeks, but will be soon and would love some encouragement and support.

The Morse Family are trying to quickly raise the last of the funds they need to bring darling little Xenia home.  There are many ways to help them, listed at the link.

The Friedl Family are bringing home two darling girls and could use your support.  They do not have a blog, but do have a page at Reece's Rainbow where you can help.

The Cooper Family is bringing home dear Michelle and Felicia soon.  They are doing a puzzle fundraiser and could really use some encouragement.

The Sheffields are adopting sweet little "Vinnie" and are waiting anxiously for their first travel dates.  

Updated to add: The Menges Family.  They just got their travel date tonight for their first trip.  They will be traveling in late July, which will be here in a blink of an eye! They also have the great news of TWO matching grants being given to them, so they have a giveaway going to help them reach their goal.  They are not too far from being fully funded.

And The Marble Family, who are getting two of the cutest towheads you ever did see!  

What an opportunity the Lord has given us!  Please pray for these families, children and countries.

As a bonus, please enjoy this post from a Reece's Rainbow family that adopted their son last year.  What a difference LOVE makes!!  I can't wait to see Abbott's transformation when he's finally taken home!

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