Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lynette Has Passed Away

Little Lynette, aged 11 died recently.  She died having never learned to walk, having rarely been out of a crib.  She lived and died alone, never knowing the loving touch of a mother or the protection of a father.  She died unwanted by all.

She was about the size of an American three-year-old, even though she was actually eleven.  She suffered years of nutritional neglect.  She simply could not endure anything else.

Do you wonder why we cry out for these children? Do you wonder why we spend our time advocating, crafting, why we sacrifice money into children's adoption funds and adopting families FSP's?   

It's because each of the children listed on Reece's Rainbow faces the same future as Lynette.  Death often follows hard on transfer.  Other, stronger children endure for years.  Very few are snatched from death.

Look at their eyes. Imagine their futures.

Abbott has already been transferred.  What will his next picture look like? Will he have lost his cheek chub and have become gaunt?

Ross, already so thin.  He has very little time left before he will be completely unadoptable. Will someone save him in time?

Alex was captured smiling in his last picture.  Do you think he's smiling right now?  Loved? Fed?  Where is his mommy?

Sweet Gemma, transferred and unchosen.  Is she worthless? Of course not!  But she is doomed to die alone like Lynette if someone doesn't go save her!

Adorable little Sonny, so charming and curious, has been transferred.  Recently a new picture of him was received.  What a difference. Yes, just below this paragraph is the same little boy as beside.  Please don't let him be the next Lynette! 

Pray, Advocate, Adopt, Do SOMETHING!

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