Thursday, August 23, 2012

Introducing: Mabel

Oh, the sweet feeling of saying that some of the kids I have advocated for are COMING HOME!  Bernadette and Mason's parents are going this week to bring them home.  Their new life is going to be so amazing!  I will post pictures (or at least links) to their homecoming when I get them.

The next child that I will be advocating for, in addition to 'my' Abbott, will be Mabel. She lives in the same orphanage as Bernadette and Mason.  She doesn't have a committed family yet, but I am praying that she will very soon.  I want them to be able to get her home as soon as possible, so let's get her fund built up for them!!  As of this minute, it stands at $2418.50.

I challenge you, dear readers, to go, this very minute, and add $2 or more to her fund.  That's less than the price of a cup of coffee at that famous smelly coffeehouse! It's tax-deductible and super easy to do. It takes thirty seconds at the most, it would mean so much to Mabel's future parents and it will truly make a difference in her life. Can a cup of coffee do that?

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