Friday, September 28, 2012

Adopting Mabel's Adoption Chip-In

Mabel is on "My Family Found Me", which means that there's is a family working toward adopting her!  Praises to the Lord!  However, before her family can officially commit, they need to pay for a home study and initial commitment fees.  Once they get this done, then Mabel can be moved onto "New Commitments" and a tax deductible account is set up to help her family with the costs of the adoption in the latter portion of the process. For now, all the upfront money has to come from their own pockets or from people who are willing to come alongside of them as they seek to follow God's command to minister to the orphans.  Donations directly to the family are NOT tax deductible.

I have pledged to help as much as possible to bring Mabel home.  I've set up a Chip-In Account that will be used exclusively for helping Mabel's family with these up-front costs.  I will also be blogging about various fundraisers and auctions that will be occurring to help raise these funds.

If you are on facebook, there's a group called "Adopting Mabel's Adoption" that you can join to keep up, in an up-to-the-minute manner.

Please pray for Mabel and her family, as they race to get her home as soon as possible.

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