Sunday, September 30, 2012

Missy's Triumph!

For so long now, Missy has wanted to crochet!  EmBlem, Polly and I have been crocheting as much as possible lately to help a certain friend raise the fees needed to commit to the child they want to adopt, and Missy has felt rather left out.

Polly sat down with her again this last week and helped her try to hold the yarn and manage the hook correctly.  This time MISSY DID IT!! See the chain she is holding?  She did that all by herself!  She can even start the chain by making a slip knot by herself.

Missy even helped on her very first crochet project for Reece's Rainbow.  She made the foundation chain for this cute little guy:

He's up for grabs right now, for a very limited time.  Only eight entries are being accepted, at $10 each. Paypal if you want to participate!!  This should be the last time I send you to that paypal address.  My friend Colleen should be able to officially commit to her daughter this week and she'll then have a tax-deductible account to use!

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