Friday, September 14, 2012

Angel Tree Season

Angel Tree is here!  Angel Tree is here!  The Christmas Angel Tree is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Reece's Rainbow kids.  Children listed on Reece's Rainbow who are aged 0-5 and have Down syndrome are eligible to have an Angel Tree Warrior.  I was assigned to my dear Abbott!  If you've read here for very long at all, you know how he has my heart.  I began advocating for him last year with the goal of getting his fund over $2500 and getting him onto the Moving Mountains page.  We met that goal!  The new financial goal is $3650, which is about $1000 from where he is now.  The ultimate goal, though, is finding his family.  He needs to be out of the institution he is in.

I am still going to be advocating for dear, sweet Mabel.  She, too, desperately needs a family and a large grant find will help them to bring her home as quickly as possible. 
I've set a personal goal of getting her fund up to $3500.  That will get her to the next Moving Mountains step.  I have some interesting things planned to help raise funds and awareness of my two "heart-babies".  Will you please commit to praying for them?  Please download their pictures, print them off and hang them where you will see them often.  As you walk past, say a word of prayer for their health, their safety, their hearts to be prepared for a family, and most of all, for a family to find them, claim them and GO GET THEM!

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