Sunday, January 31, 2010


Oh, joy! Rapture! I have been eating icky old eggs from Costco all winter and egg breakfasts quickly lost their appeal when the real eggs became unavailable. Since I am trying to lose some more weight, daily oatmeal is out. Even bland, pale eggs are better than nothing. Finally, though, eggs have become affordable at the Farmer's Market. They will fill the gap until my friend Tammy's hens begin laying an abundance again.

Real Eggs 1.30.10

Monday's breakfast will be Extreme Veggie Scramblers along with a smoothie to up the amount of breakfast greens.

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  1. Hello! I just saw your comment on Kelly the Kitchen Cop - thank you! I don't get out that way much (vehicle issues), but I'm thrilled to know that is available there. It sounds like our circles may overlap? TKCHE?


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