Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Over.....For Now

What a bad couple of days it's been. :sigh: My neighbors complained to the city about our pet hens. These are the bad neighbors to the west. The ones that cause me to have to call my Lambies inside at times, so they won't get a contact high. I have called the police on them before for the pot smoke haze that descends on us. They must have dragged themselves outside. They called code enforcement.

I had searched our city codes carefully for chicken laws. There are none. I had called the city for verbal permission. I obtained it. The code officer said I must have called the county rather then the city. He explained the code is "in the negative". Here it is, in total:

§ 6.16.015 Allowable animals.

The keeping of animals at each residence/ dwelling within the city limits shall not exceed two cats and three dogs over ten weeks of age.

(Ord. 08-02, passed 2-19-2008)

So every hamster, parakeet, lizard, turtle, goldfish and hen in our town is illegal, according to him. :sigh: What kind of America is this?? My idiot neighbors can have a dog that yips at me the whole time I am out in my own backyard and there's nothing they can do about it....because a dog is an allowable animal. My quiet little, productive hens are illegal. AARGH!

I will be going to the city council and asking for a line to be added to the code allowing backyard chickens. I am not all that hopeful that it will go well, but all you can do is ask, right? My hens are at my friend Tammy's house, with her flock. We will get our eggs from her. They will be fine, but I miss them and the Lambies are so sad. I am unbelievably frustrated. Pray for me.


  1. UGH. I'm so sorry, and I'd be fuming, too. :(
    It's not like you have a rooster that's crowing his head off at 3am waking the whole neighborhood up! :( Grr.

  2. Grrrrr to your chicken hating neighbors! I hope the city will pass something that will work for you guys. :)

  3. Definitely in our prayers Frankie. Our 'bad' neighbors called to complain about our chickens too, but the animal guy here is so cool. He just asked if we had a rooster and told us there was nothing to specifically prohibit chickens, so the neighbor would have to go to the city council....which I doubt he will do. These are ridiculous laws...and need to be changed. Are there any folks who could go to the meeting to support you?

  4. Grrrr. May we still count it as Overcoming Evil with Good if we poison their dog?

  5. Frankie,
    as your friend and prior neighbor I feel for you. I am so sorry that they are being vindictive and petty. I'm saddened to see this kind of nit picking, especially now that it's affecting the children. You are all in my prayers :) In better news, we are incredibly hopeful that we will return home soon. And, if that goes as we believe it will, I'd love for the kids to be able to see K again :) I am so grateful to you and your family for watching her while I went through my trials. Your family is a blessing on so many levels. Stay strong sister!

  6. I am so sorry this has happened to y'all. I pray that it goes unbelievable well when you talk to the city council.

  7. I'm so sorry!! It would have to be extremely frustrating! Even worse knowing that they WOULD NOT enforce it with all the other random pets that you know are in the city. At least you have a friend that can keep them for you! Hugs!

  8. Oh, that stinks. I don't know if this is an option, but you might consider getting a consultation with an attorney to see if that interpretation of this line of code really means what the officer says it does. There might be a loop hole.

    Also, i hope you will go into this meeting with the city council with expectation of the Lord's favor, instead of planning for defeat. He cares about your chickens too. *hugs*

  9. sad! there is a movement, that cities even HERE are allowing 6 hens in very small back yards. Show the council how clean you keep the yard and bring some of those delicious eggs/deviled for them to try.
    Talk about composting/recycling and how the hens help in wishes. Sorry little lambies <3

  10. You may want to consider visiting and checking the law label. They have talked about other cities that are now changing codes to allow hens but not roosters. It could be helpful to you if you can bring in several stories like that to present to the city council.

    In case this is your first time dealing with them I recommend finding out who your city council alderman is (usually divided by wards or districts) and contact him with your problem. If you can sell him (or them) on your problem then you will have an advocate for you as you move forward.

    You will most likely have to attend a committee meeting first to even get something added to the agenda of the actual city council meeting but then it will be voted on and hopefully passed.

    Good luck and I hope it goes well

  11. Richard, thanks for your advice. I had come to the same conclusion. Tomorrow I will be on the phone right away. I'll be blogging a list of links I have been using in my preparation.

    Thanks so much, everyone else, for your kind and loving words. I feel the support!!


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